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glytterkyss's Journal

Kelsi MacDonald
1 January
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Kelsi is the kind of newbie that makes more jaded fans alternately nostalgic and despairing. She just got into Fandom High three months ago, mainly through Tumblr. And while she's doing her best to get caught up on backstory, she can't afford DVDs and some of the older episodes are really hard to find as downloads. (Plus, the last time she tried to download a whole season, she got a virus that ruined her laptop and her dad told her not to do it anymore.)

As a result, there are major holes in her understanding of the show -- for example, she might have totally missed that Anakin is married, or that Stiles and Derek aren't actually doing it. All the assorted shipping wars are still new to her, so she will eagerly and vocally (if not always terribly intelligently) jump into the fray to defend her side. She'll do this even if she's only seen, like, four scenes with her preferred couple together; she still knows they are SO CUTE OH EM GEE. Kelsi's also really into slash, because boys are hot and the only thing better than one boy in a ship is two boys.

When she isn't obsessing about Fandom High online, Kelsi's a pretty normal high school junior from Indianapolis. Her parents are a boring happily married couple, and she has two brothers -- one in college, one in sixth grade. She does okay in school, gets into ridiculous Facebook drama with her friends every couple weeks, and works 10 hours a week at Dairy Queen (and will never eat another bite of ice cream again, thanks). She's also taught herself the guitar part to every Taylor Swift song.

Mainly, Kelsi is incredibly enthusiastic. She has no idea the fics she's writing and the gifs she's making are terrible cliches, and you kind of don't want to break her heart by telling her.

anakin, boys, coffehouse aus, dairy queen, derek, fandom high, glitter, glitter making boys kiss, jim kirk, kissing, peter wiggin, slash, stiles, taylor swift, tumblr